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Wendy’s Introduces New Mobile Menu and Payment App

by Sean P. Aune | March 23, 2014March 23, 2014 1:00 pm PST

Fast food chain Wendy’s is getting in to the mobile payment space with a new app that will let you do far more than just pay for your Frosty.

It would seem that Starbucks has started a trend with chain restaurants launching their own mobile payment apps. Last week Burger King announced it was diving into the space, and now Wendy’s is following along as well.

The new app from the hamburger chain will allow you to browse a menu of its offerings and will even let you set a calorie target it will work inside of to help you choose the best meal for you to pick up. If you just feel like throwing caution to the wind, however, and want to order your meal without concern, you can do that as well.

Once you’ve added money to your account, you simply place your order, tell your app you’re ready to pay it will generate a six digit code that you read to the cashier. Once they run it through the amount of your order will be deducted from your account.

While universal mobile payment systems have failed to take off in the United States as they have in other parts of the world, it seems that Starbucks may have ended up blazing a trail for stand-alone apps. The chain of coffee shops says that 14 percent of its business now comes from customers using the mobile app, and that they tend to have a higher return rate to the stores than customers who pay via other methods. While we’re sure people don’t want to fill up their phone with tons of stand-alone apps, we have a feeling this is something we’re going to see a lot more of int he near future.

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