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Medium Launches Official iPhone App for Reading on the Go

by Jacob Kleinman | March 21, 2014March 21, 2014 1:00 pm PST

In the past six months since Medium opened its doors to the public, the site has transformed from a small blogging platform to a place where important stories are told and serious discussions take place. Now the site is going mobile with a new iPhone app available in the App Store. Twitter co-founder and Medium creator Ev Williams shared the news in a blog post on the site, promising “an app for beautiful stories—wherever you are.”

The purpose of the app, for now, is simply to deliver content. There’s no way to write a new post from your iPhone, instead you’ll just be reading and recommending. The main advantage of the new new app over simply visiting the site in a mobile browser, Williams writes, is a faster more intuitive and dynamic design. If you’re reading a story and get bored just swipe to the side to find something new. If you like what you’re reading tap the screen to share it on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

Signing into Medium on your phone is as simple as logging in through Twitter. If you’re already using the service it will immediately bring up your personalized reading list. The app is available free for iOS right now via the source link below. Unfortunately there’s no mention of an Android equivalent coming any time soon, but we’l let you know if that changes.

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