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Firefox Beta Introduces Design That’s Faster, Simpler and Easier to Customize

by Brandon Russell | March 21, 2014March 21, 2014 7:00 pm PST


Mozilla is looking to change up the look of Firefox. The latest beta version, Firefox 29, introduced a major redesign to the beloved desktop browser, changing up the toolbars, menu and tabs. Hope you weren’t too comfortable with the current layout, because things are going to get shuffled around going forward. The new design approach is apparently called “Australis,” via PC World, and is supposed to feel “bubblier” than the old one. Mozilla explained that the new Firefox will be faster, simplified and easier to customize.

There’s now a customize button that can be accessed from the menu, where users can manually drag and drop their favorite feature, add-on or tool into the browser. This will make it much easier to access the features you use most—think of them along the lines of Chrome apps. Mozilla said it wants Firefox to make it easier to access content, and the look (screenshot above) reflects a much cleaner design. Tabs apparently have a “more fluid and streamlined shape,” and sit higher up in the browser now.

In addition, Firefox 29 also includes Firefox Accounts, which syncs bookmarks, tabs, and settings without the need for a code to pair multiple devices. You will, however, have to create a Firefox Account, where your data will then be stored and encrypted on Mozilla servers.

Mozilla PCWorld

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