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Bear Simulator on Kickstarter, “It’s like a Mini Skyrim but You’re a Bear”

This is easily one of the weirdest trends in video gaming: animal simulators. First we had a full blown cat simulator called CatLateral Damage, and then the developers at Coffee Stain Games brought us the Internet’s favorite video game, Goat Simulator. One could even make an argument that we have octopuses covered, too, but that one is a little unrealistic. (And Goat Simulator isn’t?)

Now Farjay Studios out of Portland, OR wants to fund Bear Simulator on Kickstarter, a FPB (First Person Bear) game developers describe as tearing down the bias of playing as humans in video games by allowing you to play as a bear. Credit must be given where it is due, and Farjay does remind us all about how much fun Banjo Kazooie is, and uses the Nintendo 64 classic to sell its idea.

“It’s like a mini Skyrim but you’re a bear,” the Kickstarter page proudly explains.

Sure it may seem like a “dumb idea” or a “really dumb idea” but you can’t honestly tell me you’ve never secretly wanted to be a bear wandering around the forest. That’s just an outright lie.

While playing as a bear, Farjay says you’ll be able to eat other animals, pick berries, steal honey from beehives and level up your statistics through exploring and hunting. It even plans Oculus Rift support, so you’ll be able to fully inhabit the bear you control! Opposed to the trailer and screenshots, Farjay also confirmed that the game is not constantly in “bipedal mode,” and you will be able to walk on all four legs like a normal bear.

Farjay already has an alpha build for the game and is just asking for a small $29,500 to wrap up development. As of writing, it has already scored well over half of its goal with 27 days remaining.

Now that we have cats, goats, and bears all taken care of, what animal would you like to control next? I would love to control a falcon and dive bomb unsuspecting crows from the sky, just like this awesome video.


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