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Samsung Gear 2 Price Set at $295, Gear Fit to Cost $197

One of our biggest issues with the original Galaxy Gear was its high cost, and ever since Samsung announced a trio of new wearable devices last month at Mobile World Congress we’ve been bracing to learn their price. Today the big news finally broke after pricing was announced in Taiwan, and it looks like Samsung hasn’t learned much from its past mistakes.

The Korean Herald reports that the Gear 2 will retail for $295, just a few dollars less than the original model. Meanwhile, the Gear Fit is priced at just $197, which is better but still a lot for the slim slice of curved AMOLED. Both devices will launch on April 11 around the world, a company official told the paper. Samsung still hasn’t announced a price for the Gear 2 Neo, though we’d imagine it will end up somewhere in between the other two devices.

The original Gear wasn’t a huge hit with critics or consumers, and only sold 50,000 units according to one report. We’re not convinced the Gear 2 is a big enough improvement to make a real difference. The Gear Fit looks like it could have some real potential thanks to its stunning design, but $200 may still be too much for most consumers already eyeing the first crop of Android Wear devices.

Jacob Kleinman

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