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Samsung Patents Futuristic Transparent Digital Camera Design

by Jacob Kleinman | March 19, 2014March 19, 2014 4:00 pm PST

samsung transparent camera patent

Concept designs for transparent smartphones have been making the rounds online for a while now, but we don’t expect to see an actual see-through handset released any time soon. Samsung may be working on a different kind of transparent device though, based on a Korean patent for a new digital camera spotted today by The Wall Street Journal.

Judging from the sketch of the camera, the bulk of the device would be taken up by a wide transparent display. while the right third of it packs in a trigger/power button and flash. The processor and storage will be inside the part of the device that isn’t transparent. Besides its obvious cool factor, the main advantage to the transparent design would be the ability to make eye contact with someone while shooting their photo, at least that’s what Samsung thinks.

“This design is of a digital camera using a transparent display that allows the person taking the photo and the subject of the photo-shoot to look at each other and have direct eye-contact for photo shooting,” the patent reads.

If Samsung does release the device it could give the company an edge in one of the few consumer electronics markets where it still lags behind the competition. The Galaxy-maker has already tried several other strategies including its line of Android-powered cameras, but still trails behind Japanese rivals like Sony. To be honest, though, we’d rather see Samsung focus its energy on a see-through smartphone, even if it’s not a top priority for the company.


Jacob Kleinman

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