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Motorola Gallery App Updated With New Timeline View


Motorola released an update for its Gallery app today, offering a few fixes for the pre-installed photo gallery software along with several small improvements. You can grab the update now as long as you’re running Android 4.4, which shouldn’t be an issue for most of the company’s recent handsets.

The biggest change to the app is a new “timeline” view which lets you quickly scroll up and down through all the photos saved to your phone, based on the exact date and time they were captured. The update also lets you pick Albums as your default view when you open the gallery. Finally, the notification bar has been restored for the DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini.

Motorola uses a pretty clever strategy for updating its Android devices by offering standalone apps through Google Play for major features like its camera and photo gallery. The result is that it can push out small updates like this one whenever it wants through the app store, instead of going through individual carriers. Your Motorola phone has probably already updated automatically, but if not you can hit the link below to speed up the process.

Google Play

Jacob Kleinman

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