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Flappy Bird Creator Says Flappy Bird Will Return

by Brandon Russell | March 19, 2014March 19, 2014 11:30 am PST

Flappy Bird Game Over

All that effort you put into your 12-step Flappy Bird program might all be for naught. The worst and best app of 2014 will make its triumphant return to the world of mobile gaming. In response to a Twitter question this week, game developer Dong Nguyen said that the game will indeed become available again, “but not soon,” meaning folks all around the globe will have something to feed their Flappy Bird addictions. We’ve seen plenty of imitations since Flappy Bird was pulled, but there’s really nothing like the real thing.

In a wonderful Rolling Stone interview from earlier this month, Nguyen explained that he decided to pull the app because he felt people were misusing it. Not only that, but he was getting blamed for situations not under his control, such as people losing their jobs for playing the game too much. Talk about not taking responsibility for one’s actions. The media attention and customer complaints eventually became too much, so he made the decision to take it down. But it apparently won’t be forever.

While it’s unclear when the app will make a return, we at least have confirmation it’s coming. Flappy Bird is by no means revolutionary or even all that fun. But it became incredibly popular following an innocuous BuzzFeed article earlier this year, thus the enormous attention it suddenly received. It was essentially a viral video, spreading from phone to phone like wildfire. According to Nguyen, when Flappy Bird comes back, it will include a warning for players to “please take a break.”

I think that could apply to anything in life, especially with smartphones. Always consume in moderation, people.

Brandon Russell

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