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Rez and Child of Eden Creator Leaves Q Entertainment

by Ron Duwell | March 18, 2014March 18, 2014 11:30 pm PST


Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi is not the only veteran Japanese developer who finds himself fleeing from his former company. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creative mind behind Rez and Child of Eden, has left Q Entertainment, the popular company they founded back in 2003. He departs along with company CEO Shuj Utsumi.

Q Entertainment was an indie studio founded an entire decade before the mass exodus of developers to the indie scene became the popular thing to do. Mizuguchi and Utsumi leave behind industry veterans from SEGA’s United Games Arts who helped him create Space Channel 5 and Rez. While at Q Entertainment, he developed popular musical puzzle games like Meteos and Lumines for a wide variety of platforms.

Mizuguchi’s largest project while working at Q Entertainment was Child of Eden, the well received spiritual-prequel to Rez and best received game from the first wave of Kinect software. Sadly, it suffered horrible sales figures, just like Rez, and didn’t make much of a splash on the video game scene. It was also brought to the PlayStation 3 and made use of the PlayStation Move.

CVG reports that Mizuguchi had left the company in November following the purchase of Q Entertainment’s stock by Sanyo Chemical Industries, a company which focuses on plastics, petroleum, electronics and construction and has no interest in video games. Insiders reached out once Utsumi departed just recently.

No news if any cancellations will be caused by Mizoguchi’s departure, but we can only imagine that he will be taking his slick sense of sound and visuals to the indie scene, just like he did ten years ago.


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