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Moto 360: Motorola Introduces Its Awesome New Smartwatch

by Brandon Russell | March 18, 2014March 18, 2014 10:05 am PST

In Motorola’s new video, which introduces its Moto 360 smartwatch, the company talks a lot about design. Google’s software is already taken care of, finished. But how does one design a modern timepiece? By looking to the past.

We’ve seen plenty of neat smartwatches come out in the past few years, but they’ve all consistently offered blocky and bulky designs. The Moto 360 looks exactly like an old watch your grandfather wore, and that’s a huge deal.

“When we started to think about what we should do in terms of the design of the watch, we really went back in time,” explained Motorola’s Jim Wicks, head of consumer experience design. “This is all about reinvention of the modern day timepiece. We decided if we’re going to do the Moto 360, we’re going to do it round.”

Out of the hardware we saw in Google’s video’s introducing Android Wear, one smartwatch in particular stood out. And given Motorola’s track record with the Moto X (and even the Moto G), there’s really no surprise the company’s dreamed up the best design. It’s classic, but also modern. Instead of subscribing to the rectangular/squarish form factors we’ve seen hit the market, Motorola took a much different approach. This is a company that clearly understands how a watch should look.

Sure, seeing those little notification cards popping up on a circular display might take some getting used to. But this is as beautiful a smart watch as we’ve seen. Grandpa might even wear it.

“Moto 360 is a reinvention of the modern timepiece,” Wicks said. Another Motorola employee added, “Moto 360 begs to be worn.” I tend to agree.

With Android Wear now official, we’re going to be inundated with a ton of wearable hardware this year. But I think Motorola might be the frontrunner for best design. Motorola said we can expect the Moto 360 to come out this summer.