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Dropbox Adding Multiple Account Support Next Month, Report Says

by Jacob Kleinman | March 18, 2014March 18, 2014 9:00 pm PST

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Dropbox is about to make a big announcement and will introduce a new feature that will let its users easily switch back and forth between their personal and work accounts with the cloud storage service. The company reportedly let the news slip to its Dropbox for Business customers ahead of a planned press event on April 9, according to The Verge.

The company first launched with a focus on consumer service, but has moved to more profitable enterprise clients as the price of online storage continues to decline. Dropbox currently offers 500GB of storage for $49.99 per month, while Google recently slashed the price on its own competing Google Drive service from $49.99 to just $9.99 per month for twice the storage space (1TB).

Dropbox still boasts over 200 million individual users along with four million business customers, and a new option allowing you to switch between work and private accounts could bring more users on  — particularly those who might already have a work account but haven’t considered opening a personal one, too. Clearly the firm needs to answer Google’s aggressive cost cuts, and this is just one way it’s doing so. Will the service also drastically cut its prices, too?

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