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Twitter Testing New Timeline for your “Fave People” on Android

by Jacob Kleinman | March 17, 2014March 17, 2014 3:00 pm PST

fave people twitter feed

Late last year, Twitter introduced a new feature exclusive to its Android app, letting users favorite other accounts and receive notifications whenever those accounts posted a new tweet. The update still hasn’t made its way to iOS or, but the company is already moving forward with a new plan to turn those favorites into a separate timeline. TechCrunch reports that Twitter testers on Android recently gained access to the new feature, called “Fave People.”

The updated Twitter for Android looks pretty much the same as the company’s standard mobile app, with a Fave People tab added to the different feeds you can swipe between alongside Home, Discover and Activity. To add people to the new timeline just head to individual profile pages and tap the star icon beneath their picture. The “Fave People” tab also offers a direct link to a list of accounts you follow so you can start starring your favorites immediately.

For now the new feature is limited to the alpha version of Twitter’s Android app, where new ideas are tested before being passed on to beta testers and eventually the general public. There’s no guarantee “Fave People” will ever become a Twitter mainstay, and the company still needs to add the ability pick your favorite people on iOS and online before even considering a full rollout for the new tab.

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