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Microsoft OneNote For Mac Now Available

by Todd Haselton | March 17, 2014March 17, 2014 8:00 pm PST


Microsoft on Monday officially announced that Mac users can now download and use OneNote, the company’s cross-platform note-taking software that has already been available online and for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. If you haven’t used the software before, it’s relatively simple: you can create lists, jot notes, scan documents and more, and then edit or access them on any of your devices.

It’s sort of like Evernote, but it has some different features. You can save articles for offline reading from Wave, News 360 or Feedly, and you can even add documents to OneNote using a scanner from Neat, Epson, Doxie Go or Brother. With Livescribe, you can jot down notes inside a notebook and they’ll appear digitally inside your OneNote application. There are dozens of use cases but, for me, I’ve found that OneNote is great if you’re brainstorming an idea at home and then want to continue working on that idea while you’re away and only have access to a smartphone.

OneNote for Mac offers all of the support offered on other desktop iterations of the software, which means all of the formatting options, multiple tabs, checklists, image embedding and more. It’s free and is available from the OS X App Store now. We’ve included a link in the source below.

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