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iPhone 6 Rumored to Offer Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensors

by Todd Haselton | March 17, 2014March 17, 2014 11:30 am EST

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Earlier today we published fresh information form 9to5Mac on Apple’s plans for iOS 8 and, specifically, its Healthbook application. We assume that a lot of the data coming into the phone will be through a accessories such as the iWatch or medical gadgets from other companies. However, Apple may also be working to beef up the actual sensors on its iPhone. A report from an analyst with ESM-China claims that Apple is going to outfit the iPhone 6 with more sensors than ever.

Specifically, the analyst, Sun Chang Xu, said that Apple is going to add sensors to monitor outside humidity, temperature and pressure. Those are probably more useful for weather data than information on your health, but the report leaves the door open for other sensors. It wouldn’t be out of the question to add a heart rate monitor, for example, and Samsung has already done that with the Galaxy S5. (To be fair, you can already install a third-party app that uses the camera’s LED to monitor your heart rate on an iPhone, too). The most compelling aspect of the whole report is that, if true, Apple is working to make the iPhone one heck of a monitoring tool – from the weather to hopefully even our health.

We haven’t covered reports from ESM-China before, so we don’t know how much weight this rumor actually holds. Still, we do know that it sure seems as though Apple is putting a new focus on monitoring our health, and new sensors on the iPhone – no matter what kind – seem to line up with this overall strategy.

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