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Google Hangouts, Other Services Go Offline (Update)

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It appears that several of Google’s services are offline right now, including Hangouts (Google Talk) and at least some parts of Google Drive. We can confirm that Google Hangouts isn’t working properly and is displaying error messages, alerting us that the end user has not received our chat. Meanwhile, some members of our staff don’t have access to Google Drive, while it’s working just fine for others. Either way, Twitter is abuzz with the outage, and it’s particularly noteworthy as more businesses opt to use Google’s services instead of competing options.

Google’s App Status Dashboard usually indicates the status of every service. Typically there aren’t any issues, but usually we’ll see an update with service disruptions and service outages – today, however, there aren’t any reports of the outage. We’ll let you know if Google discusses this publicly.

Update: Google’s App Status Dashboard now confirms the outage for at least Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts. It also points to an outage of Google Sheets, the spreadsheets software inside Google Drive.

Update 2: It looks like most of the services are acting normal again. Google’s App Status page shows the outage but the current status for all of its services now says there aren’t any issues.

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