Nokia Refocus App Now Available On All Lumia WP8 Phones

by Jacob Kleinman | March 14, 2014

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928-VS-Nokia Lumia 920-Colors-2

Nokia has always put an emphasis on the cameras it packs into its Lumia smartphones, and one of the latest tools in its arsenal is Refocus, which lets you snap a photo and then play with the focus afterwards. When Refocus first launched last year it was limited to just a few phones with built-in PureView technology, but today the Finnish company announced it’s rolling out the feature to every Lumia handset running Windows Phone 8 with the Amber update.

The company says it received tons of requests to bring Refocus to more of its phones before pushing out the update. The news also demonstrates Nokia’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform. The company has continued to push out new apps and features even as Microsoft struggles to keep its mobile OS fresh.  “It’s another great example of how the Lumia you own today keeps getting better,” says Refocus product manager Jens Eggert.

If you own a Lumia smartphone there’s no reason not to download Refocus. It’s a fun tool to play around with, though the one downside is that you’ll need to hold your phone still for several seconds while it snaps the multiple photos needed for future refocusing. A few other companies including LG, Samsung and Sony have all introduced similar technology in their most recent flagships, and HTC is expected to offer its own refocusing feature with the Duo Camera setup on the upcoming All New HTC One.

Jacob Kleinman

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