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This Ugly Beast Might Be Amazon’s Video Game Controller

by Joey Davidson | March 14, 2014March 14, 2014 6:02 am PST

Amazon Controller

It looks like Amazon’s potential streaming media device could arrive alongside a game controller. And that game controller comes swinging in with a face only a mother could really love.

The controller mirrors the Xbox design almost exactly. The button layout and naming are the same, the analog stick positioning is the same, and the sticks themselves even feature the same dimples. The center buttons, of course, replicate those of an Android device, while the bottom of the controller features a few media controlling features.

I’m not one to judge a book by its cover, so this ugly duckling might actually be an ergonomic wonder. I’ll give Amazon the benefit of the doubt by assuming that this (potentially) prototype will be refined and promises a ton of comfort once held.

As for a few spec points regarding the controller, Zatz has it that this thing requires two AA batteries and connects to devices over Bluetooth. We assume that means we’ll be able to pair it with any phone or tablet we like, a nice feature for the input itself.

Head over to Zatz for a few more shots of the controller and more ribbing at its, well, form factor.


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