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Xbox Gamer Becomes the First to Cross 1 Million Gamerscore

by Ron Duwell | March 13, 2014March 13, 2014 1:30 pm PDT

Richard Cox Gamerscore

So, what’s your Gamerscore? It’s been a while since I’ve gone achievement hunting, but the last time I checked, it was in the mid 30,000 range. Not so bad considering that my Xbox 360 has been tucked away for the better part of a few years, but it’s nothing compared to master achievement hunter Raymond Cox, aka Stallion83.

In a journey that only took him eight years and three months, Cox has just become the first person in the world to achieve a Gamerscore of one million. Exactly one million points actually, no more. no less.

“Eight years, three months, I don’t know how many days,” Stallion83 said during the live broadcast he had set up to capture the moment on Twitch. “Many, many hours, many nights, I can’t explain how much I’ve put into this.”

What was the lucky game that he was playing when he reached his goal?  Well, what other game has everyone been playing this week? Titanfall, and he got it by unlocking the aptly named “I liked a Challenge” achievement. Indeed he does. You can see the moment on his Twitch account at the 3 hour 46 minute mark. As you can expect, he uses some NSFW language when he achieves his goal, so listen at your own risk. This is Xbox Live after all.

Now all Cox has to do is wait for Microsoft to instill some kind of tangible reward system for achievements, like they were supposed to do eight years ago. I wonder how much swag he could get with a score like that.

Ron Duwell

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