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Mercenary Kings Releasing for PlayStation 4 on April 1st

by Ron Duwell | March 13, 2014March 13, 2014 10:30 pm PDT

Mercenary Kings (2)

Tribute Game’s “Metal Glug meets Borderlands” run-and-gunner Mercenary Kings will be released for the PlayStation 4 on April 1. So far, the only playable version has been an Early Access build available on Steam, meaning this will be the first time a final build will be released.

Mercenary Kings allows you to choose two characters from the get go, Empress and King, and from there, they have thousands of weapons at their disposal. 300+ unique gun parts and 100+ unique knives give this game an arsenal that the classics which inspired it only could have dreamed of. Did Contra have more than 10 guns? Did Metal Slug have more than 10 guns?

Mercenary Kings (1)

No, but Mercenary Kings does, and there are countless ways to go about your mission. Infiltrate Mandragora Island, shoot a lot of bullets, rescue Dr. James Neil, and get out!

Mercenary Kings was an early Kickstarter success, pulling in $116,064 back before it was an everyday occurrence for a game of its magnitude. I can’t wait to play the final build, but I’ll have to do so on the PC. Anybody lined up for the PlayStation 4 version?

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