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iOS 8 Expected to Offer iOS TextEdit and Preview Apps

by Todd Haselton | March 13, 2014March 13, 2014 9:00 am PDT


Apple’s next version of its iOS operating system is expected to launch sometime later this year, likely at the same time that the iPhone 6 hits the market. Unlike iOS 7, it isn’t expected to offer a drastic user interface change, but thanks to several reports from 9to5Mac we have a better idea of what Apple is working to implement in iOS 8. The site has detailed a health-focused application, likely called Healthbook, and today it discussed some tie-ins to iCloud and OS X.

Apple is reportedly developing two applications, TextEdit and Preview, for iOS 8. The apps are already available for Mac, but 9to5Mac, which created the mockup abovesays that the goal is to allow users on iOS to access the files created on their desktop. Once synced with iCloud from a desktop, users will be able to access Preview and TextEdit files, the site said, though the ability to edit them inside both apps is off the table. Instead, you’ll need to rely on iWork or iBooks for that.

9to5Mac explained that Apple’s restructuring has made this possible. Before, teams worked on OS X and iOS apps separately, but now TextEdit and Preview can be developed by the same team, which makes it easier for Apple to push out iOS options. The move is said to reflect Apple’s push for more reliance on iCloud, instead of local storage. 9to5Mac warned that it’s possible these options won’t ship with iOS 8.

Similar options are already available if you’re willing to work with a competitor’s tools. Microsoft’s Office 365, for example, gives users a lot more control over editing across various operating systems, and those files can also be stored on OneDrive. Anyone who is invested in iCloud and Apple’s ecosystem, however, will probably prefer Cupertino’s changes.


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