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Google Smartwatch By LG Specs Revealed in Leak

by Todd Haselton | March 13, 2014March 13, 2014 9:45 am PDT


During Mobile World Congress 2014 we learned that Google is working on its new smartwatch and that LG is at least one of the partners. Until today, however, we had not yet heard much in the way of specs for the watch. @evleaks just published some information that gives us a better picture of what we can expect when the smartwatch launches later this year.

According to a post on Twitter, the smartwatch that LG is building for Google will offer a 1.65-inch IPS display with a 280 x 280-pixel resolution, which suggests we’re looking at a square display – which we’ve seen on most smartwatches so far and is unlike the concept above. 512MB of RAM is also reportedly on board in addition to 4GB of local storage. That should be more than enough space to store the smartwatch’s operating system, some apps and even media – in case you want to play MP3s from your smartwatch during a jog, for example.

The specs so far aren’t blowing us away, but software is arguably one of the more important aspects to a good wearable. Thankfully, we’ve also heard that the device will rely heavily on Google Now, which is the company’s smart assistant on Android that can provide updates on everything from the weather, to current sports scores, the location of a package, your flight information and more.

Google is still gearing up to announce software tools for its smartwatch partners, presumably the required development kits and an OS to build apps and integrate the devices with Android,. That announcement is expected in May, followed by the introduction of at least LG’s smartwatch during Google I/O in June.


Todd Haselton

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