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Google Drive Prices Slashed: 100GB of Storage Now $1.99 Per Month

by Jacob Kleinman | March 13, 2014March 13, 2014 11:30 am PST


Believe it or not, Google Drive launched just two years ago, and to celebrate the occasion the Internet giant is slashing the price on its cloud storage service. While anyone can still use Google’s servers to store 15GB of files for free, paid tiers offering extra space will cost just one fifth what they used to.

Starting today, 100GB of storage costs $1.99 per month (down from $4.99), while 1TB of storage now costs just $9.99 (previously $49.99). If you need even more storage you can spend $99.99 per month on 10TB of space, though a single terabyte should be plenty for most people. “That’s enough storage for you to take a selfie twice a day for the next 200 years and still have room left over,” jokes director of product management Scott Johnston, describing the 1TB plan.

Anyone already using a paid Google Drive account will be atomically moved onto the new plans, which will also be available for new members. For casual users, 15GB is likely more than enough. For businesses and power users, however, today’s price drop should mean significant savings in the long run.



Jacob Kleinman

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