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3 New Games Added to the Humble Mobile Bundle 4

by Ron Duwell | March 13, 2014March 13, 2014 9:30 pm PDT


Humble Mobile Bundle 4 already had a decent sized helping of six games, including my new obsession Catan, but why stop there? As it typically goes when the second week of a Humble Bundle rolls around, indie developers have piled on more games to entice gamers into buying.

The new additions are all games I haven’t heard of, but look fun in their own right. OLO looks a lot like Olympic curling, flicking dots at an opponent’s to knock them out of range,  but it lacks the ice and intense professional ice polishing. Color Sheep is a defense game in which a lone sheep must use the power of rainbow to defend his herd from invading wolves.

Last but not least is the latest from Orange Pixel. Gunslugs reunites action stars from the 80s and throws them into an intense and randomly generated 2D action game. Taking place all over the world, the squad finds themselves everywhere from Soviet bases to ancient Egypt.

To unlock all three of these games, you’ll have to pay at least the average price, which currently sits at $3.79. Good deal if you ask me. Any takers?

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