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Angry Birds Epic to Feature Turned-Based Gameplay

by Todd Haselton | March 12, 2014March 12, 2014 4:00 pm PDT


Dang, I kind of had high-hopes that a recent medieval teaser for Angry Birds would have a Game of Thrones tie-in. Obviously I never really expected that.. but I had hopes. It turns out I was way off base. Kotaku today posted fresh information on the next Angry Birds title coming from Rovio, which will be called Angry Birds Epic. Apparently it’s going to feature turn-by-turn based gameplay with a role-playing aspect and “an extensive crafting system.”

It sounds like that leaves the door open for a multiplayer experience, too. As you progress, you’ll be able to craft new items to make your team (or flock, as the image states) stronger, and then presumably fight against the computer and your pals. Kotaku said there will be in-game purchases. If you’re allowed to use that cash to buy in-game items that make your team stronger and better, than this is going to turn into yet another pay-to-play and, for that matter, pay-to-win title. It’s set to hit iOS first in Australia and Canada sometime this week, but it will also roll-out globally and on Android and Windows Phone in the future.

Hopefully Rovio works on the pay-to-play mechanics a bit more. I liked Angry Birds: Go until it became so obvious that I wasn’t going to advance much further without dropping a bunch of cash into the game.



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