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Alone With You is a “Psychological Romance Adventure” from the Creator of Home

by Ron Duwell | March 12, 2014March 12, 2014 9:30 pm PST

Home was a sweet minimalist horror game on PC and iOS that caught on nicely with the indie gaming crowd, and developer Benjamin Rivers is now back for his sophomore outing with a game called Alone With You.

Labeled as a “psychological romance adventure,” Alone With You stars a young man stranded on a distant planet after a terraforming operation goes horribly wrong. His only companion is the AI built into his helmet, and you know, I think she might be coming on to him.

“The goal of the game (from my point of view) is to take the idea of a dating sim and turn it on its head a bit,” Rivers stated to Eurogamer. He offers up the example of “most dating games are about an objectified quest to ‘win’ a character’s heart. AWY doesn’t take that approach.”

“If Home was a horror game without monsters or fail states, Alone With You will be like a dating sim without the usual trappings. Their similarities are that both games are very much player-driven; the game isn’t really puzzle-reliant, but very much more about making choices. The challenge I gave myself was to do this without creating a visual novel style game – I wanted to make something more familiar to core game players in terms of exploring environments, controlling a character, and so forth.”

Sounds like an interesting play, and you have to love Benjamin Rivers sense of pixelated style. Rather than the typical 16-bit approach that most of the indie scene models their games after, including Home, Rivers is clearly more inspired by classic PC adventure games. His style is unlike anything else on the indie scene right now.

Alone With You is still early in development, so platforms remain undecided. If you’ve never played Home either, it typically goes for pretty cheap on Steam. Give it an hour or so of your time, and you’ll understand why we’re excited.


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