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Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Scheduled for Release August 8th

by Ron Duwell | March 11, 2014March 11, 2014 10:30 pm PDT

Final Fantasy Type-0 (1)

Final Fantasy Type-0, sometimes referred to as “that pretty decent one with the high school kids on the PSP that we never got in America,” will be getting an unofficial fan translation due this Aug. 8.

Fans calling themselves Operation Doomtrain have translated a good portion of the game already, and they are currently in the process of editing and proofreading. A blog update on says that the release date is dependent on how quickly the team can correct the mistakes in the game’s NPCs dialogue.

“For the past few weeks I’ve been discussing with the rest of the team a possible release date,” the team leader states. “As it turns out, even though the main story line is tested and looks pretty good, there are literally thousands of NPC’s that need to be corrected as well.”

“This is why the beta testing stage will take some more time than I had initially thought. However, not all are bad news, as we did reach an agreement about the release date! So I made a translation teaser to show different parts of the game, always featuring perfectly English-localized texts, and a nice, adapted interface. Of course, it also shows the day all fans will have access to the patch.”

I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 from my local video game store in Japan, and I tried to give it a go, but the brutal kanji and different dialects between the characters quickly got the better of me. I’ll gladly stick to elementary level games like The Legend of Zelda series. Those are way easier to read.

Considering that this is the only way to play this game in English, and Square Enix seems more than happy to just sweep this one under a rug, I can only wish them luck. Unless Square Enix grows a heart and releases a PSP game way into the year 2014, or perhaps an upgraded port to the Vita, there is no other way to enjoy this one. You might want to order a physical copy of the game before doing so though, just to say you’ve contributed.

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