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HTC M8 Getting Google Play Edition, Unique Flip Cover Capability

by Brandon Russell | March 8, 2014March 8, 2014 9:00 am PST

All New HTC One in case evleaks

Once HTC officially unveils its M8, or All New HTC One, there’s a distinct possibility the device will also be available as a Google Play Edition. Compliments of @evleaks, a GPE version is being planned following the M8’s announcement, though it’s unclear if both devices will hit the market simultaneously, or if we’ll have to wait for a kind of staggered release. Either way, the news is exciting given the interest around GPE devices, especially considering how strong Android 4.4 KitKat is without any sort of tweaks on top of it. Incidentally, there’s been no word as of yet regarding an S5 GPE.

In addition to that small tidbit, it looks as though HTC has an odd flip cover-type feature that will allow users to quickly glance at their device to get information. “Holes. Time. Colors,” evleaks says. It’s unclear how this particular feature will work, but it appears as though glance able info will always be available as long as you have the case on there, and perhaps the colors will be contextual depending on the weather and what time it is. From this one shot alone, it’s difficult to say if users can bring up other notifications. It’s like a Lite Brite, but for your phone.

The closer we get to HTC’s scheduled March 25 unveiling, the stranger the device’s saga gets. The device has already popped up at the FCC, and it is supposedly blazing fast compared to the competition. We’re still not sure what the dual-camera arrangement will add to the equation, but we’re not all that far from finding out. Would you get the regular version, or the Google Play Edition?

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