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Guess the Phone: Traveling Through the Space-time Continuum

by Brandon Russell | March 8, 2014March 8, 2014 12:00 pm PST

I can’t believe how little this device is. Seriously, it’s tiny compared to 99-percent of today’s flagship devices. But it’s proud of its size, and still sports a lovely rounded design that feels light and well-built. Its size and build, however, isn’t what makes this device unique. Easily the most interesting feature of this handset was its secondary display, which was a pretty neat idea. Good ideas, however, can still be held back by poor execution. And the fact that devices today don’t implement similar features shows that not every good idea should actually become a reality. A theme that this company is all-too familiar with.

The secondary screen was this device’s biggest draw, and offered a unique functionality, like a persistent notification bar always providing relevant information. It was fairly easy to use, and for the most part displayed what you needed, such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other updates. If you missed an alert, you could tap an icon on the right side to bring up past notifications, and light up and sleep the screen with an icon on the left. Unfortunately, actually setting up the right information was difficult, and alerts lazily came in long after they were sent/posted.

Otherwise this device came equipped with the kind of specs you expected from a smartphone that came out four years ago: Android 2.1, 5-megapixel camera, that kind of thing. Nothing too spectacular, but certainly acceptable for the time. I wonder how specs from today would affect a device like this, and if any company would dare to execute another idea similar to what happened here. It probably wouldn’t make sense since mobile operating systems are so advanced nowadays.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was the Motorola Droid X.

Brandon Russell

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