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Pebble 2.0 Out for Android, Introduces Pebble Appstore Access

by Brandon Russell | March 7, 2014March 7, 2014 12:00 pm PST

Pebble Steel 016

Pebble owners on Android were treated to the company’s 2.0 update on Friday, giving folks access to the recently introduced Pebble Appstore. This is great news for anyone who purchased the company’s latest smartwatch, the Pebble Steel—owners of last year’s Pebble can still get in on the action, too.

Pebble’s Appstore is currently home to more than 1,000 apps, including Foursquare and Pebble Cards, among many others. GoPro, Yelp and ESPN are some other big names. As we detailed in our hands-on with the iOS app from January, the Pebble Appstore is essentially split into six sections, including productivity-type apps, notifications, fitness info, tools & utilities, remotes and games. It’s like most mobile app stores you’ve experienced, just for a smartwatch.

If you want to check out a full hands-on of the Pebble Appstore (for iOS), you can check out our video down below. You can get the official Pebble app for Android through Google Play, or simply update your existing app. Other features introduced in the 2.0 update (requires Android 4.0 or newer) include the ability to store prior notifications on your Pebble, and a Watchapp locker, where you can easily keep track and manage your Pebble apps.


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