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Beats Music Releases Public API to Developers

by Jacob Kleinman | March 7, 2014March 7, 2014 1:00 pm PDT


Beats Music released an application programming interface (API) for its music streaming app today in a bid to bring the service everywhere, from your car to your Sonos speakers, with a little help from outside developers. The service launched earlier this year and is currently available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, in addition to a still buggy browser-based version.

The release of an API opens the doors for developers to bring Beats Music’s 20 million track library to other platforms, instead of tethering customers to their device at all times. “If you’re willing to pay $100 a year for music, which in my experience for all the world’s music is a tremendous bargain, you should have access to music anywhere you might want it, in your car, house, anywhere,” Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers told CNET.

The API also opens up Beats Music’s metadata and its collection of carefully curated playlists to the masses. Hopefully it won’t be long before the streaming service is available everywhere, from your car dashboard to your smart TV. If we can make one humble request though: please, can someone make a decent desktop Beats Music app? We’re getting a little tired of using the company’s glitchy website.

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