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Burnout Creators Unveil Their Own Indie Sudio

by Ron Duwell | March 6, 2014March 6, 2014 6:30 pm PST

Burnout Paradise

Criterion Games’ co-founders and creators of the Burnout series, Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, have finally revealed their new indie studio, Three Fields Entertainment, with the website now officially live. No news or information yet as to what kind of games they will be making, but the atmosphere around their departure from EA and Criterion smelled like they weren’t too keen on making racing games anymore.

The pair’s beloved Burnout series was one of the more tragic loses to the brutal and bloody previous generation of consoles. It started off the race with the full momentum from Burnout 3: Takedown and kept up the pace with Burnout: Revenge. Burnout: Paradise then perfected Criterion’s dream of creating a “load screen free” open world racer.

Critical scores didn’t translate into financials as much as publisher EA had hoped, so Criterion was put in charge of the Need For Speed series with a few critically lauded hits. The shift put Burnout on the back-burner, and the last we ever saw of it was the dopey little Burnout Crash, an overhead car collision arcade racer. Hardly up to snuff with the real thing.

Ward and Sperry had ventured into other genres at their time with Criterion as well such as their mostly forgotten first-person shooter, Black. We’ll have to wait and see what Three Fields Entertainment has in store for its first hit.

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