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Yahoo to Gradually Remove Facebook and Google ID Logins

by Ron Duwell | March 5, 2014March 5, 2014 11:30 pm PDT


Yahoo has thrown a monkey wrench into the prolonged quest to obtain universal login options. Reuters reports that Fantasy Sports and other major Yahoo owned services like Flickr will be cutting convenient access for Facebook or Google login options.

The change will reportedly occur gradually and eventually all users will be required to use a Yahoo ID in order to enjoy any of the company’s online services. The decision comes on behalf of CEO Marissa Mayer, who is looking to rebuild the company’s stagnate image on the Internet.

“Yahoo is continually working on improving the user experience,” a Yahoo spokesperson told Reuters, suggesting that the changes will “allow [Yahoo] to offer the best personalized experience to everyone.”

The first of these services to change is Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em, a sports service focused on organizing pools for the NCAA college basketball March Madness Championship. Keep an eye out on your favorite Yahoo services to see what will be changing next.


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