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Yahoo Acquires Vizify – Service to Shut Down

by Todd Haselton | March 5, 2014March 5, 2014 10:30 am PST


Yahoo’s buying spree continued on Wednesday when Vizify announced it has been acquired by the tech giant. The analytics company said it will shut down the ability to sign up for the service or purchase paid plans directly from Vizify. Likewise, it will shut down the service for existing users. There’s good news for anyone who has opted to pay for Vizify’s more premium options, however.

The company said it will issue a “full refund for everything you’ve paid Vizify,” and that it will also provide instructions on how to move registered domains away from the service. Until Sept. 4, 2014, existing users will also be able to “archive a snapshot of [their] current bio,” Vizify said. If you’re unfamiliar with what the service used to offer, it’s rather simple.

Vizify showed a visual representation of your social networks and also provided overviews of your interactions on various outlets, such as Twitter, through quick videos. In fact, Twitter actually used the service for its #FollowMe feature that offered a highlight video reel of photos, Vine videos and tweets.

The company declined to say how much Yahoo paid for its service, and we don’t yet know how Yahoo will use the team’s expertise in the future. After looking at its timeline, however, we found that the company’s most successful month was Dec. 2013, when it added 100,000 new accounts – showing that there’s at least a growth story here.

Vizify promised that it will use its tool to offer a “more visual approach to data” inside of Yahoo. We might see the tech company birth a new service entirely, or see it build Vizify’s technology into existing service such as Tumblr.


Todd Haselton

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