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Murdered: Soul Suspect Release Date Set for June 3rd, New Screenshots

When you have a small time game that hasn’t gotten much press and might not have turned out as you originally imagined, what do you do? You bury it in a release date deep in the summer doldrums. Square Enix has done just that with Murdered: Soul Suspect by slapping it with a release date of June 3.

I’m not saying that the game is going to be terrible, but when placed against the rest of the months of the year, those beginning with “J” don’t exactly have the best track record for critical applause. January, June, and July, are traditionally where your C-grade games go to hopefully reach a niche audience.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is the latest from Airtight Games, the international developer of Quantum Conundrum. It stars┬áDetective Ronan O’Connor, a man who must solve his own death before the horrors of the afterlife consume his soul. By all means, Square Enix sounds like it has a solid game on its hands with a unique art style that blends the best of 1930s cop dramas and ghastly laser light shows.

Hopefully, the game succeeds in finding a small audience and becomes a minor cult hit. With the lack of coverage Square Enix has been giving it though, who knows?

Murdered: Soul Suspect will be released on June 3, the first week of the summer beat, and it will be on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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