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Humble Bundle Goes Mobile with Six Games for Android

by Ron Duwell | March 5, 2014March 5, 2014 8:30 pm PDT

Humble Bundle hasn’t forgotten about all the mobile gamers out there, and it’s back with a vengeance for the fourth time offering six Android games for whatever price you think think is fair.

Catan is the winner of the bunch. I recently got into the board game and need some serious practice to take down some of my more experienced friends. Hours of weekly commutes to work on the train should be enough to do the trick.

Other games from the basic package include Vector, a free-running parkour game clearly inspired by Canabalt, the boat racing game Riptide GP2, and Zombie Gunship, which allows you to fire on the living dead from the safety of a AC-130 plane.

Those who pay more than the average price will land Breach & Clear, a strategic squad based shooter shown from an isometric view, and Badland, a game best described as LIMBO meets Flappy Bird.

As always, you decide the price for all six games and divvy it up amongst developers, charity, and Humble Bundle as you see fit. Any winners here?

Humble Bundle

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