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Chrome 34 Beta for Android Experiments With Sending Any Web Video to Chromecast

Google-Chromecast Device

Reddit User WhyYouPaul has stumbled across a new video streaming function in the Chrome 34 Beta for Android, reporting that this new feature allows any web video to be sent from smartphones to the Google Chromecast.

The new browser release allows for any embedded videos to be sent to your television regardless of if they are supported by the native app or not, which opens up a whole realm of new use-cases for the service. Instead of just relying on YouTube, which already works, you could technically visit another site like CNBC and stream video direct, without having to worry about support for a specific video player.

Users have reported that some sites will work without a hiccup, mostly HTML-5 based sites like Vimeo, while others are not yet compatible. Hopefully Google irons out the kinks and we see full support in the full version of Chrome 34.

This is the latest in an effort to make Chromecast compatible with more apps than ever. We’re already starting to see new app support – the latest from Vudu – thanks to a public SDK that has been available for developers. Google will likely want to continue pushing out support for as many apps and services as quickly as possible, especially now that Roku has its own HDMI dongle hitting the market in April, and amid rumors that Amazon and Apple are ready to take the space a lot more seriously.


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