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Apple Prepping Huge Siri Improvements for Future Update, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | March 5, 2014March 5, 2014 12:30 pm PDT

Apple Siri

Apple fans have patiently waited for Apple to introduce a Siri API to developers, but ever since the personal assistant’s arrival in 2011, the technology has largely been on lockdown. And while Apple’s feisty helper has improved over the years, Siri still hasn’t quite reached its full potential. However, a new report from The Information claims Siri is getting ready to play nice with third-party apps and services, with an eye to make the assistant more intelligent overall.

Sources close to Apple’s plans claim not only will Siri be opened up (with plenty of restrictions, I’d imagine), the technology will also get more predictive smarts. For example, a mapping application could launch as you begin driving or, similarly, Siri could put your phone on silent when you’re in a meeting. As it stands, Siri is still more of an add-on that you might use every once and awhile. If given more predictive powers, the technology could evolve into something you come to rely on, and maybe even enjoy using.

The current arrangement right now is that Apple needs to provide direct access to Siri for integration; we see it with services like OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha, for example. But opening up Siri even more would introduce a whole host of new third-party opportunities. The fight for a more intelligent experience won’t be won by air gestures or other unnecessary features. It’ll be about providing information to users, like a Google Now.

With Microsoft’s Cortana just around the corner, and Google Now improving all the time, it sounds like Apple is really looking to explore Siri’s potential going forward. Whether we’ll see a more intelligent and open experience in iOS 8 remains to be seen.

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