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BioWare “Discussed” Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster on PS4 and Xbox One

by Ron Duwell | March 4, 2014March 4, 2014 2:30 pm PST

Mass Effect

A new age of remastering the classics of yesterday is now upon us. We already have a remastered port of Tomb Raider making the rounds and doing quite well for itself, so obviously everything else must get a second release. What better idea than to give the previous generation’s best original video game series, Mass Effect, a serious overhaul?

Fans took to Twitter to ask BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn whether or not Mass Effect would get the full “1080p/high-res textures/60fps, etc.” treatment, and in reply, Flynn mentions that it has only been “discussed.”

So nothing confirmed or denied by BioWare, but if there is a market there, it will certainly make your dreams come true.

Would you buy Mass Effect all over again if it got the next-gen treatment? I can’t really say with 100% certainty that I would. I’ve already bought it twice, once each right out the door on Xbox 360 and once in a package deal for the PlayStation 3 after I shifted my console of choice. A package that remains untouched, more specifically.

Plus, I’m still lined up to buy a remaster of Final Fantasy X in the coming month, and my prayers for a Final Fantasy XII remaster have gone unanswered, meaning I’m still buying HD ports of games two generations ago! I’m not ready to throw my money at games barely half a decade old.

Please, just give me some time to let me miss my old favorites, publishers! The nostalgia hasn’t sunk in yet.

Ron Duwell

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