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BattleBlock Theater Bound for Steam, Register for the Closed Beta Now

by Joey Davidson | March 4, 2014March 4, 2014 8:30 pm PST

BattleBlock Theater is the most recent game from The Behemoth. You might know that little studio based on their work with games like Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid.

BattleBlock Theater launched last year as an Xbox 360 exclusive on the XBLA platform. Now, The Behemoth has announced that the game is heading to Steam soon. You can see their silly announcement trailer at the head of this post. The trailer is especially glorious because of the way it pokes fun at FPS and resolution bragging.

Thank you, The Behemoth.

In addition to the announcement and the silly trailer, The Behemoth has also announced a closed beta period for BattleBlock Theater. You can sign up for that here on the official site. If you make it into the testing group, the beta will run from March 14 through 31, though the studio notes that those dates are subject to change.

I personally did not pick up BattleBlock Theater on the Xbox 360 last year. In the last few months of the console’s life cycle, I became a little hesitant towards buying anything that I wouldn’t be able to play without dragging it out of the closet. Now that it’s coming to Steam, well, I’m all over this one.

Joey Davidson

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