Google Experiments with Improved Multi-Account Support for Chrome OS

by Jacob Kleinman | March 3, 2014

Chrome OS may be a bit limited compared to Windows or OS X, but Google’s competing software is quickly gaining market share nonetheless. One major issue with the OS, however, is how annoying it can be to quickly switch between multiple Google accounts. This may change though, thanks to a new feature still in testing that could solve the issue and even let users run different accounts in separate windows at the same time.

Google employee and Chrome enthusiast François Beaufort broke the news today on Google+, pointing to some experimental code that enables the new features. He also shared a video detailing the new multi-account support. Once an account is logged-in you can access it without re-entering the password, making it easy to switch rapidly between your own personal and professional Google profiles.

There’s no guarantee Google will bring the new multi-account feature to the official Chrome OS, but we hope to see a more polished version roll out in the future. Until then, you can switch over to the Dev Channel to try it out for yourself, though Beaufort notes you may encounter a few bugs along the way.


Jacob Kleinman

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