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Google and Samsung Concerned About Microsoft/Nokia Business in China

by Todd Haselton | March 3, 2014March 3, 2014 4:00 pm PDT


Google and Samsung are worried about the effects of Microsoft’s deal with Nokia, particularly in China. There’s no doubt the two are worried about competition in the market, where Samsung has the largest market share and where Nokia may soon introduce the Nokia X – the company’s first Android device. The two have reportedly spoken with the Ministry of Commerce in China, however, about a different matter – licensing fees.

According to Bloomberg, there’s concern that Microsoft and Nokia may hike licensing fees for wireless patents inside of China. Microsoft is obviously going to do all that it can to gain as big a share of the market as possible, though Google wants to make sure it does so on a fair playing ground, and without asking competitors to cough up even more money for patent licenses. Bloomberg said ZTE and Huawei, two other local smartphone players, have also spoken to the Ministry of Commerce.

Is it a sign that Google is upset with Nokia and Microsoft for other reasons? Possibly. Nokia is not licensing Google Play Services, and is instead offering its own app store and using the Nokia X as a catalyst to sell and provide access to Microsoft’s apps, such as OneDrive and Bing. We’re curious if Google would be so opposed to the Microsoft/Nokia deal in China had Nokia decided to license its services instead.

Bloomberg said China is expected to approve the merger deal.


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