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Dual-Booting Windows Phone and Android Smartphone Due By June

by Todd Haselton | March 3, 2014March 3, 2014 9:00 am PDT

Nokia Lumia Icon 006

Love Android but want a taste of what Windows Phone offers? Or love Windows Phone but can’t live without the official version of Google Maps? Well, soon you might not have to choose between the two operating systems. A company named Karbonn Mobiles is ready to release a smartphone that runs both Android and Windows Phone, and the product should be out on the market by June.

According to Times of India, Karbonn Mobiles has already entered into a deal with Microsoft that will allow it to launch such a product. Following the release of the Nokia X, it’s another small hint that perhaps Microsoft is warming up to Google’s operating system. Karbonn Mobiles chairman Sudhir Hasija told Times of India that his firm will launch “a range of Windows Phones in about three months,” though he declined to name a price. The company’s target market is small, too; Hasija said the devices will be aimed at “office-going professionals and techies,” Times of India explained.

We don’t know what Karbonn’s devices will look like, though we’ve seen tablets that dual-boot Android and Windows. Our guess is that the firm’s plans will require a reboot to switch between the two operating systems, though it’s possible there will be an option to flip between the two with the tap of a button. We don’t expect this to become a major trend, but rather a small option for a very niche market.

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