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Apple Using Tumblr To Advertise iPhone 5c

by Brandon Russell | March 3, 2014March 3, 2014 7:00 pm PST

What better platform to advertise a bright and bubbly device than on the tween-infested Tumblr? In what appears to be an effort to reach a younger audience, Apple has setup a Tumblr page to highlight the company’s iPhone 5c, with several short videos showing off a particular theme for a particular color. These videos are short and sweet—about fifteen seconds each—likely designed to capture the notoriously short attention spans of Internet users. But otherwise they’re typical of Apple, using the familiar minimalist approach and displaying only the device, ending with a catchy word or phrase.

For example, one of the videos shows off the color combination of a yellow device and green case, complemented with upbeat carnival-themed Brazilian music. “Viva o Carnaval,” the video says. The other videos are setup the same way, first showing off the iPhone 5c’s infamous “whack-a-mole-style” case, and then displaying what it looks like when combined with the iPhone 5c.

Apple hasn’t announced any sort of campaign on Tumblr, though users are reporting that the “ISee5c” page is showing up as sponsored posts. According to 9to5Mac, the campaign seems to have been setup by Media Arts Lab (MAL), which is the name of Apple’s ad agency in Los Angeles. Regardless of who actually pushed the page live, it sure appears that Apple is trying to use the youth of Tumblr to get folks interested in its iPhone 5c, which Apple has admitted has performed below expectations.

There’s a coming soon box on the ISee5c Tumblr, but that likely just means another video is on the way. Apple doesn’t typically use other social media outlets to advertise its products – Tumblr is owned by Yahoo – but it sure looks like things are different when it comes to the company’s iPhone 5c.

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