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Netflix Fitbit Hack Tracks When You Fall Asleep

by Jacob Kleinman | March 2, 2014March 2, 2014 6:00 am PST

If you’re like us you’ve fallen asleep to Netflix at least a few times, and thanks to the site’s addictive auto-play feature that means you’ve probably slept through countless episodes of your favorite TV show. Thankfully there’s a new hack that uses Fitbit‘s sleep-tracking technology to solve this problem, though we don’t expect Netflix to role out official support for the service any time soon.

The auto-pause feature was unveiled at the company’s annual Hack Day where engineers try out new ideas Netflix could roll out in the future. The idea itself is extremely simple, but requires a Fitbit to work. When the wearable device senses that you’ve fallen asleep it tells Netflix to pause whatever you were watching and bookmark the spot for later watching.

There were plenty of other great ideas presented at Hack Day. One potential new feature lets youboot up a video on your smartphone and then play it on a tablet by simply bumping the two devices together using Apple’s iBeacon service. Another hack adds individual accounts with PIN codes so your kids don’t watch inappropriate material, while a third lets you make custom playlists. There’s also Radial, which makes it easier to type using a PlayStation controller.

You can check out videos from all the new Netflix hacks via the source link below. Which new feature would you want to see Netflix introduce first?


Jacob Kleinman

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