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Possible Samsung Chromebook With Galaxy Note 3-Like Design Leaked

by Brandon Russell | March 1, 2014March 1, 2014 1:00 pm PST

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook evleaks

Since introducing a kind of faux leather plastic, complete with detailed stitching, with the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has been picky about introducing other devices with the same design. We saw it in the company’s latest Note Pro tablet, and it appears the company will also introduce a similar look in an upcoming Chromebook. At least that’s the suggestion being made by @evleaks, who posted a picture of the device on Saturday, clearly displaying the Chrome logo.

Very little information about what we’re looking at is shared, though the clear focus here is what the Chromebook will look like. Given what we’ve seen with the recently announced Galaxy S5, Samsung seems to be all over the map with its preferred design; there’s the smooth plastic of the S4 (and many others), the fake leather of the Note lineup (and now possibly a Chromebook) and the soft-touch band-aid look of the Galaxy S5. There are rumors, too, that Samsung could introduced a “luxury” lineup of devices using aluminum later this year. That’s quite a few different looks in a wide range of devices.

We’ll have to keep our eye on whatever it is Samsung has planned. A Chromebook, it would seem, but it’s unclear how it will standout from something like Toshiba’s recent effort, which sports a beautiful and streamlined look. Would a Galaxy Note 3-like design tempt you to purchase a Chromebook?

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