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Shaq Fu Making its (Un)Triumphant Return to the Video Game World

by Ron Duwell | February 28, 2014February 28, 2014 10:30 pm PDT

Shaq Fu

Shaq Fu is a game that spurs a lot of memories for gamers my age, and Shaq never even played for the Spurs. Anger, rage, amusement, nostalgia. Putting legendary center Shaquille O’Neal in his own fighting game? How could it not be amazing?

The 1990s was a time when the NBA was able to not take itself so seriously, and it was far superior and more popular than it is today because of it. Stars had the sense of humor to put themselves in cartoons, movies, and yes, even video games.

Nowadays, we have to turn to brilliant fan games to see our classic sports heroes in anything besides the official NBA releases, but Shaq is out to change that. Joystiq has the inside scoop on merchandise already in the works. Add to that a trademark filing for Shaq Fu and the basketball star himself teasing the game at CES, and the pieces seem to be coming together fora retro-revival nobody ever expected.

Now, where is my sequel to Michael Jordan: Trouble in the Windy City?


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