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The Boeing Black is Literally a Smartphone For Spies

by Jacob Kleinman | February 27, 2014February 27, 2014 8:30 am PDT

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Boeing may be best known for building massive airplanes, but the American company is leaping into the smartphone market with the Boeing Black, a super secure Android handset that’s meant for spies. We’re not even joking, Boeing says the purpose of its smartphone is to help U.S. defense and security organizations “accomplish their missions.”

An FCC filing published yesterday offers a bit more insight into the device, which Boeing says is meant for government agencies and contractors working with homeland security. The phone runs Google’s Android OS, but packs security added features into both the hardware and software, potentially putting the most secure phone ever in the hands of government workers.

Android has been tweaked and encrypted to improve security while the hardware itself also features added safety enhancements. For example, if you try to remove the Boeing Black’s rear panel an automatic trigger will delete the phone’s data and brick the device. The 4.3-inch handset also offers “unparalleled modularity” in case you need to add extra sensors or antennas for a particularly tricky mission.

Overall the Boeing Black offers a sleek if somewhat chunky design with some impressive capability. We’d love to take this phone out for a test drive ourselves, but we’re probably out of luck unless we can score a government contract.

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