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Steam Grants Publishers the Ability to Set their Own Sales

by Ron Duwell | February 27, 2014February 27, 2014 6:30 pm PDT

Steam Sale

Hide my wallet! Clear my credit card history! Delete my account! Do whatever you have to do to keep me from looking at Steam ever again because there is a new law of the land that is bound to dent a few bank accounts.

Steam has announced that video game publishers can now set their own sales without needing to consult or coordinate with them first. The sales can be for how ever much they want, up to two weeks long, and whenever they want as long as a two month notice is given. This means a lot of people are bound to wake up to find sales polluting the special offers section of the Steam store as big and small publishers alike race to the bottom on prices to sit on the top of the sales charts.

Reddit user Sharkiller uncovered the news on the Steamworks Development Forum with Valve revealing its plan.

“With new Steamworks tools, you can configure your own discounts for custom sale periods or opt in to take part in upcoming weeklong sales. Once configured, the discounts will automatically start at the time specified.”

Simple as that. All publishers need to do is open up their product, set the price and time, and the sale is set to occur. From there, just sit back and watch fanboys gasp at the prices of games they’ll backlog and probably never play.

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