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Bravely Default Supports the Konami Code

by Ron Duwell | February 27, 2014February 27, 2014 9:30 pm PDT

Oh, the Konami Code is the most amazing cheat in the history of gaming, and it still pops up in video games today. More specifically, it appears in Square Enix’s recently released Nintendo 3DS RPG Bravely Default.

To make the code work, highlight the bottom option on the main menu screen. If you’ve beaten the game, this secret block should have already been revealed, but as it stands otherwise, it is just a bunch of question marks.

From there, enter the code “up up down down left right left right B A,” and you can find yourself a little treat revolving around the future of the franchise in America. Hope we don’t have to wait nearly as long for any further localizations because I’d be down for more Bravely Default whenever Square Enix has them ready.

Special thanks to YouTube user Shmiam for pointing this out.

Shmaim Siliconera

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