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Humble Indie Bundle 11 Adds FEZ, Starseed Pilgrim and Beat Buddy

by Ron Duwell | February 26, 2014February 26, 2014 6:00 am PST


Humble Indie Bundle 11 has added an indie classic and two other upcoming games into its ranks, bringing the total number of games available to nine.

As if it needs any more introduction, FEZ is the classic of the bunch. Polytron’s beautiful puzzle platformer is the pixelated stuff of dreams with the lore and mystique to back up its beautiful aesthetic. You’ll need the advice of the internet to solve some of its more challenging puzzles, so don’t feel ashamed when looking to Google for some aid.

Other joining games are Starseed Pilgrim, a game about gardening with color in empty time and space, whatever that means, and Beat Buddy, a colorful platformer revolving around rhythm based movement. I haven’t heard of either, but I’ll be sure to get around to them since I already have the bundle picked up.

The three additions are available at the average price, which currently sits at $4.63. All funds go directly to charity, the developers, and the Humble Bundle itself.

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